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welcome to our planet


when it’s not raining

the silence is exceptional

we have wireless planetary network

incorporated in our minds

we speak all languages

our perception is distorted

we hear only what we listen for

we see only what we have inside

our basic need is

to touch and to be touched

for convenience sake

we have developed alternatives for

food and sleep

we train ourselves to ignore

the constant impulses to be more


we strive for more than

strictly necessary

we have liberated ourselves

from petty desires

by fulfilling them

we are now free

to simply play around

everything is possible

everything is dangerous

diamonds are ridiculously cheap

everything else is expensive

we are the masters of transmutation

we are the amplifiers

we are the extractors

of the visually exciting details

from the chaos around us

fake smiles damage our health

the established order of things is

first the revolution

then politeness

nothing is reversible

everything that is prohibited

is on friday compulsory

we are all either


or artists

or lovers

artists are those who have


in being warriors or lovers

lovers and warriors can replicate with each other

artists can only replicate within themselves

you are welcome to stay

you must declare all your luggage

you have a right to consume

you have a right to contribute

you have a right to rebel

you do not have a right to complain

we advise you to


abandon your search for the truth

and step into a good fantasy

happiness is



and incomplete

do not bother about being happy

look for the joy

of being


@ Sonja Lekovic

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