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“Heaven’s gonna burn your eyes” has been playing on repeat all day. “In my dream I’ll catch you... heaven’s gonna burn your eyes... heaven’s gonna burn your eyes...”


We were brought together by resonance. The universe was changing and we were the first to feel it. Like a ghost, a ray of light only the two of us could see, lingered in the corner of our sight, gradually altering our brains to become a fertile ground for the new world. Having no conceptual background to understand this we misinterpreted it as a deep romantic connection between us and a destined love affair.


He woke up in the middle of the night with severe anxiety and a feeling that I wasn’t well. He came to my place and found me naked on the floor curled up like a snake colvulsing in involuntary spasms. Room was so filled with darkness he could barely see me.


I felt him picking up my body from the floor. It was almost dead. I heard him say: “Relax. Just relax.” He spread my legs and fucked me till the end of time.


I woke up in heaven. As fas as I could see everything was white.


© Sonja Lekovic

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