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I came to the appointment prepared and right on time. 

I carefully replaced all the damaged cells in my body, except for the ones damaged by him. I could have replaced them too but I deliberately left them. 


Reluctant to greet me with a kiss he greeted me with a question - "New dress?"

"New skin", I replied. 

I quickly scanned him for traces of happiness.

None that I could see.


He didn't waste any time.

As soon as I sat down he pushed a piece of paper across the table towards me. 

"Here is my offer and the list of requirements."

I took two seconds to look at it and pushed it right back. 

"This is unacceptable."

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. 

"Am I asking for more than you are willing to give?"


I matched my tone of voice with my underwear. 

"You're asking for less."

@ Sonja Lekovic

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