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My art is an authentic expression of the unique essence of my being.

I am powerfully drawn to the elusive magic of deep silence and spiritual dimension of the human life, the element of water, dreamy melancholy, sensuality and touch, highly elegant beauty, forms and textures of the human body, and sexuality extended between primal lust and divine love. I create in resonance with these vibrations, I extract and amplify them, and I materialize them in visual art form emanating this unique energy mix. In chemical terms the formula of my art is a cocktail of oxytocin, testosterone and a touch of DMT. 


Born in 1976. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Graduated in Psychology on Belgrade University of Philosophy.

After working in marketing for 8 years decided to leave the corporate world and pursue passion for visual arts.

Self taught as a photographer, developing an original and authentic style over the past 10 years.

Currently living and working in Belgrade.

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