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Born in 1976. in Belgrade, Serbia.

Graduated in Psychology on Belgrade University of Philosophy.

After working in marketing for 8 years discovered passion for photography and decided to change profession.

Self taught as a photographer, developing an individual artistic style over the past 10 years.

Currently living and working in Belgrade.

My work is an authentic expression of the unique essence of my being.

Powerfully drawn to the elusive magic of deep silence and spiritual dimension of the human life, the element of water, dreamy melancholy of longing, subtle touch and heightened sensuality, beauty of the human body and sexuality extended between primal lust and divine love, I create in resonance with these vibrations materializing them in visual art form that may serve as an extractor and amplifier for the observers to easily tune in to these frequencies. Elegantly pure style with strong focus on closeups and details, carefully chosen colors and precise simple compositions, provides pleasure from observing refined beauty, while the emanating energy that expands the image beyond the frame provokes imagination and entices desire.

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